Air Force Reserves – Part-time Duty, Full-time Experience

Air Force Reserves

Air Force Reserves – Part-time Duty, Full-time Experience

The Air Force Reserves gives many benefits of full time active duty service personnel while giving them time for other things.  The Reserve was set up in 1948 under Harry Truman primarily for an emergency for any number of possible situations.  Reserve members were meant to be on call in a sense should something go wrong and they could be called into action having the necessary training to help in the cause.  This is still the case though the Air Force Reserves member has an expanded duty as of 1997 when they were given a more active role while still following the basic parameters set forth from its origins.  Reserve members now help support active duty members and work side by side with them on the same missions and equipment after being titled as a Major Command instead of just a field operating agency.  There are many unique missions that are carried out by the Air Force and the Air Force Reserves such as the hurricane hunters and other weather reconnaissance efforts providing scientific data and providing early warnings for civilians.  They also handle many wildfires and other natural disasters with the help of aerial fire-fighting to help keep civilians safe.  The Reserve has a multitude of aircraft ready to be deployed for any situation from weather, fires, and of course those that are ready for war.

Air Force Reserves – The Benefits and Perks

Many Air Force Reserve members work part time jobs while still holding other employment in civilian life, though there have been more who are working full time.  Even active duty members from other military branches are allowed to join the reserves without having to go back through basic training and are still able to keep their current rank.  This allows them extra benefits on top of their current military benefits.  Air Force Reserve members also have the added stability of a second paycheck to support them on top of their other careers and employment.  Bonuses are given, some up to $20,000 to reserve members for particular jobs, even though these jobs fall under part time employment the benefits are still huge as well as giving you access to things only available to military personnel such as the Air Force Credit Union, a banking service with huge advantages over civilian banks that is only available to military and defense department personnel.  This also true of their insurance rates that offer far better coverage and lower rates than civilian organizations.  There are over 71,000 current Air Force Reserve members taking part in many different types of jobs across the scope of the entire military.

Air Force Reserves – Great Benefits

Those in the medical profession are in very high demand and Physicians and nurses actually join the Air Force Reserves as officers.  A higher education is not a requirement and a high school diploma or GED is not a requirement, however the ASVAB test scores must be higher.  There are many opportunities available in the Air Force Reserve that offer great benefits and give you the opportunity to have an adventurous and rewarding experience while still having regular employment and the time to spend with your family or hobbies. (Air Force Reserves)

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